Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Sewing Room is My Happy Place

Since I reconfigured the craft room, I have been more productive...(course now its a mess and needs a little cleanup)....
I had a special commission to do a baby quilt for a second baby from a friend of my daughter. She wanted to be sure this baby boy #2 got one too! Isn't that sweet??
So, my daughter asked about colors and theme....and this is what I have been doing for a week!

I had a good time making this quilt! The airplane fabric I ordered through Amazon....It's adorable! She was using orange in her baby's room so this suits nicely!
I played with the blue squares as you can see in the second photo....I did freehand, free motion feathers there...and the rest was done with my dual feed foot to get nice diagonal lines ....which just suits it. Dual feed feet are amazing! They are something that the Destiny Baby Lock sewing machine has and honestly one of my favorite features! That and the laser light that guides you on a line...so diagonal lines will be straight! Totally amazing also!
So, after I finished hand sewing on the binding....I needed something to sew...so, I grabbed some fabric I picked up at Goodwill...and created a new pillow complete with a zipper!
 This is the front.....

And the back...
Yeah...It is a tad big....I figured the cotton ducking would shrink when washed...so I compensated for that....besides....I was just having some fun!
The pointsettas will be leaving Thurs....they've been there out front since Dec. 7! We got our money's worth from them...and soon...all too soon, we will be planting our tomatoes! Yikes! where did the time go??
Today, I will be moving some furniture around...well, just a little to set up for Valentine's Day. So we can have dinner in the living room with a fire and sit by the window...and have a romantic dinner there...no TV, no Olympics, no news...just us....at a table....
Hope you have a grand day!

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Pam Richardson said...

Nancy, what a beautiful baby quilt. That little one’s nursery will be so cute! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!