Friday, February 9, 2018

Creating A New Garden...the Hard Way

I love my puppy. I really do. Just not the things that she has gotten into.
She has discovered all the plants that are poisonous...and those have been removed...gratefully she hasn't had any real trouble...just a little diarrhea. But, that coupled with her knack for destroying plants....our garden has not been itself.
Today, I had enough. I went to the hardware store (ACE) and asked for "dog repellent". I know....right?? Sounds terrible...but a Mom has got to do, what a Mom has got to do!
I have already tried chili pepper flakes, cayenne, and lemon juice...yeah...she likes peppers! Truly! This is the puppy that ruined my pepper plants last year! Why we had to put chicken wire around my raised beds!
 Yes, she is still a puppy...she is almost 8 months old!

So, I found a spray called "critter ridder" by is not something one sprays on a light windy me...It had me coughing! Yikes! far so good!
You would do it too if you are a gardener and have a beautiful white eden rose that cannot be found easily....
Then, I went to another hardware store (Home Depot) and bought some flagstone pavers....
Those were placed in areas where she had been digging in the agapanthus. Then, Hubby and I bought 2 rosemary plants and a lavender plant, which we potted in large pots and placed between the plants and the pavers. We then sprayed the pots and dirt as well.
Why rosemary and lavender....well...they aren't poisonous and are reputed to discourage dogs....the pots are for space holders...up and in vision...but not as easily pulled out.
In case you hadn't figured it is spring like outside here in Southern California...we've had little rain...which is sad...
 Even my fava beans are blooming! (See the chicken wire??)....
And my orange tree is blooming! I will have to spray my new spray on this tree as she has taken to pulling branches off.
I wasn't going to redo the garden...but slowly, we have had to do a few things to make it reseed grass where the other dog had gone the same spot for about 5 turned it black! So, after he passed away, we reseeded and place lots and lots of little fencing in that area so that the grass can grow....
I will be using more rosemary in the isn't toxic and has been said to repel fleas well as other critters...and it is hardy.
Well...I hope your day has been grand....

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NanaDiana said...

We had a dog once that was a digger,too. Just about drove us nuts. Sad to say- he never did quit digging but we were able to give him a spot where he could dig and led him to that everytime we caught him digging.

I have used that spray to keep the rabbits and voles out of my plants, too. It works pretty good.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Nancy! xo Diana