Sunday, August 13, 2017


I had totally forgotten, after almost 10 years, what puppies are like. They are quite exhausting and I have been sleep deprived....
An 8 week old puppy gets up at least every 2 hours to go potty...and getting a routine down of any sort is difficult. It is having a baby in the house.
Tucker our eldest wonderful dog, has been not exactly thrilled with this little ankle biter. But, as each day goes by, he is better...and much to his chagrin, she is staying.
We finally put a baby gate in the doorway of the laundry room, that helps a lot. She hates being confined, but when it's nap time, she loves it. So do I. It means I can get something done and she is safe.

 Miss Molly got her first set of shots absolute must here in a metropolitan area...She slept most of the time and I was worried that she'd be up all night, but she wasn't! Amazingly, she slept and woke as always, but this time did potty right away and then, much to everyone's relief, she went right back to sleep. I guess she is getting it! Yay!
I needed a separate bed just for her and made a little one from scraps and filled it with batting scraps! She loves it...and much to my joy one of the fabrics had Scotchguard! Good thing with an untrained puppy! She woke and piddle just came out all over her bed....and happily it just rolled off! And I rinsed it and sun dried it and its back to work. Yay!

Happiness is warm puppy...and one who takes naps!
Have a great day...

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Nana Diana said...

She really is a cutie and once you get past the 'needy' stage you will be totally entranced. I am glad your Tucker is starting to accept her. That's a good thing. Nice bed and I am glad she likes it.

Hope you have a great upcoming week. xo Diana