Thursday, August 10, 2017

Puppy In The House

Well, Miss Molly has arrived!!
We have some sleep to catch up on!!
Overall, she is adjusting quite well. After all, she is only 8 weeks old and last night was her first night with us as her new family.
Me, well, I'll get a nap "mommy ears" were listening all night, so I didn't sleep as much as she did!
Here she is playing with our Grandson....after dinner, he didn't want to leave....pretty darn cute!
So, our work is cut out for us. It may have been a silly idea to put a pup in our household...but what a grand adventure...and hopefully eventually Tucker, our 12 year old lab, will adjust to the little ankle biter.....

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Diana Kosmoski said...

TWO cuties---your grandson AND your new puppy! lol They are both darling. I hope you get some sleep tonight. It is always quite a transition with a new pet in the house. xo Diana