Sunday, July 9, 2017

In The Garden

Our garden is not huge, it is actually small....but we do get a fair amount of produce from it. Each year is different as we try to rotate out the "crops".....
I was looking through the stored pictures in my computer and felt a wonderful sense of satisfaction in realizing that our "pototager" is perfect for us. I can and freeze and dehydrate produce all summer as well as enjoy it as it comes in the door.
There a great satisfaction in having fresh organic veggies and fruit from your own garden, no matter how small the garden is....whether it is a huge farm to a patio with a pot or two.

And yes, my garden is organic. Organic means that there will be leaves eaten by bugs, and imperfections...there will be odd shaped carrots and blemishes. That is ok. They still taste fantastic!
These pictures have been collected over the years...No two years are the same...some better than others....
And, as a crop dies back something else must take its place ....
It means, eventually, we have to buy something as a crop failed...such as yesterday...I had to buy cucumbers, dill and peppers(our peppers haven't ripened yet)....and of course we also bought fantastic peaches.
Those things we bought yesterday are from an organic farmers market that we go to. Though not all of them are certified, they all follow organic means....hey, I'm not certified either, but I am still organic....
When it comes to organic....people say, what do you do about weeds??
Well, we used raised beds, so weeds are easy to pull..and other weeds?? Well, aside from bind weed, our eternal battle, we have a philosophy about weeds....many feed the good insects...some distract the bad guys from the good stuff and weeds can keep the soil covered and therefore cooler. Weeds prove we don't spray for them.... and though we don't pick and eat them, there are some that some people might eat....So what? A few weeds here and there aren't bad....
Only "bind weed" with its vines and all upset me...they are pretty when they bloom (they look like a white morning glory only smaller)...they have actually strangled some of my plants and killed them.
So, as I go out to collect herbs to dehydrate this morning, tell me....what do you grow??
Send some pictures of your gardens!!

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Connie said...

Beautiful produce . . . your garden may be small, but you certainly have a green thumb. Everything looks gorgeous :)
Happy gardening!
Connie :)