Monday, April 24, 2017

The Driveway

Once upon a time there was a young couple who bought a house...even though his parents thought we were crazy...the house was fine except it needed lots of "updating" and paint and more paint...and that driveway!
The driveway over time has taken a beating through teenage years and cars and basketballs...
Today, that is going to change.
With herbal calmatives and a gulp, I will go spend the day with my daughter and grandson as it is all coming out. Even the path around the side is getting a "do over".....
Hubby is manning the fort.
It will be reduced to rubble with tractors and bulldozers....
How will it look....?
At this moment I have that "buyers remorse" with "what have we done" "it doesn't look that bad..."
Or does it??

You see in 1959 when this house was built, it had an asphalt driveway.
Somewhere in time the owners poured a concrete driveway. If this driveway is anything like the back patio was....there is no reinforcement. Between the lack of support underneath and the adobe soil in this really does look pretty bad.
So, that is where we are today...26 almost 27 years later after we bought the house and have been working our way to updating it.
Of course, by the time the next people get this house, it will be outdated again....
Oh well....for us, it's home. It's the place where the "crazy" lady lives and grows tomatoes in boxes out front, and peach trees in pots out front and lots and lots of flowers.
It certainly will not look like this when I get home today (planning for about 5 or so)....

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NanaDiana said...

It is going to be wonderful, Nancy, and you will be so glad you did it when all is said and done. The front of your house is so cute...and I love that the neighbors think you are the 'crazy lady' xo Diana