Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Driveway Continues

So, this is day three.
Yesterday, they started the digging for a new drain that will be cored to the more flooding between us and the neighbor!

There are a lot of roots from the carrotwood tree and the hedge....but that is where it needed to go.
And I knew that some boxwood would be disturbed, and some valerian as well. They were told not to touch the apricot pot. Then, I left Hubby in charge as I went out with a friend.
They did move the pot.
I was distraught about was a 7 year old tree that I miniaturized by having it live in a pot. It was lovely. They moved the pot, severing the immediately started dying.
So far I have several plants to replace...and I had figured that may be the case. But I have told both foremen that they owe me for that tree....It was a specially ordered Blenheim apricot...
In any case, aside from that....the driveway is HUGE!
I kinda woke up stressing that maybe I shouldn't have given up two feet of grass....and widened the path too....
Oh well, it will make it easier to take out the garbage cans....
But they laid about 3/4 of the driveway yesterday before they left....

Pretty sweet....they are lovely and its amazing how fast these guys lay pavers! They can stack about 20 heavy pavers in a wheelbarrow at time!
The other things I stressed about at about 3 in the morning was, since the driveway and "porch" area are really all one and the same, how do I make it warmer and more welcoming??
I'd love input from my readers!! Just make comments so we can all hear since I may not be the only one with this problem.
For those that want to know.
The pavers are by Belgard a company known as the "cadillac" in the industry and they don't just have any company put them in.
Go Pavers is excellent in what they do (with the exception that don't understand garden pots).
They are predominately a LA company, but do lots of work all over Southern California.
Their work is guaranteed for three years....
Why pavers?
We have adobe if something moves or shifts it can be fixed.
We have both sewer and water that run under the driveway as well, so if there is a problem (and always could be with a house that is almost as old as me!!) can be fixed fairly easily, just pull out pavers and fix the problem then replace. Go Pavers said they can always coordinate with such a problem so that pavers are replaced correctly.
We chose these pavers out of the multitude that can be a driveway (not all pavers are durable enough).
These are not the same pavers (sadly) that we have on the patio due to that very problem...the ones on the patio are just patio pavers.....
We like the texture of these and color....
These are called Catalina Slate. Slate refers to the texture and the color is Victorian. Just in case you might like to know.
I will show you the final results.
Today they finish laying the driveway and start the path.
Then they use the tamp it down with a machine and then spread special sand that seals it up.
Want to know the best part of pavers??
Unlike having cement where you have to wait for it to cure up to 14 days....
You can drive on it right away!
Isn't that awesome??
Once they give the all clear its done.....and leave, cars can go on it....
Pretty sweet......
Are we happy with Go Pavers? Yes.
Are they reasonable? Oh yes! It is still not cheap but it was only $1,500 more than cement. Truly.
This company's quotes came in several thousand dollars less than System Pavers.
I am sure there are other companies that are just as good, we liked working with them. Good guys and their website shows the prices right there. How much each paver is per square foot. The other companies see your "fancy" car and the price goes up.
Just thought I'd fill you in.
I will show you the final final.......

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NanaDiana said...

Wow!!! They are getting a lot done in short order but I know it is probably not fast enough for you! lol

I think you could probably add some large pots along between the posts to delineate between drive and porch area. I like how it flows though. Can you put a couple of chairs out there, too to make it feel more porch-like?

I can't wait to see pictures of it all ready to dress! xo Diana