Saturday, February 18, 2017

Yummy For Taste

Well, that pioneer spirit got me through yesterday. Our power went off during the storm, I hear due to a transformer being taken out by a tree.....
It didn't ruffle my feathers at all.
I just got out the emergency lanterns and lit some candles.
When it was time for dinner, I already had it mostly made....I lit the stove the old fashioned way and cartelized onions and added them to that beef broth I had made.
Can we say "Yummy"? Nothing like French Onion Soup by firelight on a stormy night.
Then this morning....I was hungry!
So, I made some bacon.....
then some of Pamela's mix pancakes...
Then....I mixed some of that marmalade into maple syrup! We had bought this fantastic rich dark maple syrup last week...and well, we had to try the not mix them?
Oh my!! I have created a new treat for pancakes and french toast.....
Now, remember when I said I had doubled the recipe? and then realized I didn't have a pot big enough?? Yeah, well, I ended splitting the batch into two batches...and so I stirred and stirred and tired.
They came out awesome!
The only thing maybe not so great...the natural pectin in the peel may have worked a little too well...but on something hot, that's no biggie!
It came out and tastes awesome!
Just this morning Hubby was reading an ad for marmalade in the Wall Street Journal, it was for marmalade that cost $13 for 9 oz!!!
Well, my jars are 8 yay for the pioneer spirit!
Well, it is another rainy I will find something else to do today....

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NanaDiana said...

Oh- I hear you. We lose power every once in a while here, too. There is something exciting AND frustrating about it! lol The last time I went to light candles and thought---wait---I have battery powered candles that won't 'waver' with wind movement and they looked great.

A warm winter day for us here. Breaking all sorts of records-we are up to 56° here today and no one can believe it. xo Diana