Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Start of Something New

It is Thursday. I am usually babysitting, but I got the day off!
I had such plans!
I was gonna garden and plant and play. Ummm, it is still freezing outside!
The winds have picked up (no one on the news talked about winds)...and drives the warmth away.
So, I have been sitting and creating yet another baby quilt.
I have done laundry...and tidied here and there, but it is so cold. Especially for Southern California.
My sister in Northern California has snow showers today! Brrr, winter is not letting go so easily.
Usually by now I can at least plant something...not so this year.
So...I sew and sew and drink hot liquids...

The fabric was from a friend for my birthday and it has been calling to me for a while....
So, I pulled out my book that I received with my Accuquilt and picked the jewel box pattern. It makes a cute design the way the lay it out...and of course I never do it exactly as the books say...I always seem to give it a twist...which I will share later....I have about 20 more squares to make....

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