Monday, February 6, 2017

A Whole Cloth Quilt with Trapunto

I had never heard of Trapunto before...until about two years ago I bought a book on French quilting.
Oh my gosh!
I was hooked. I wanted to buy one...but honestly they are almost impossible to find and when you do, very, very, very expensive.
If you read up on it I see why. The true trapunto technique, which is all hand done, requires a special needle technique that stuffs certain parts of the quilt with extra batting to make it extra "puffy" from the rest of the quilt.
Well, I rarely do any hand quilting these days. And I did once try the technique, and honestly the look of mine was far from close. So, I set the technique idea away for another time.
Then about 6-8 months ago, browsing through some blog that I don't even remember which one it was, I saw a "take" on trapunto. Ummm, yeah!
She took the quilt she was working on and stitched on extra batting in the beginning, then when it came time to quilt the extra batting was there!
So, about 10 months ago I ordered from a company a pre-printed whole cloth quilt which even came with backing! It was $19.99 for a crib size quilt. I can do that math. It would cost me a whole lot more to buy the same fabric and mark, yes, I was in!
It came in like 3 days. And then I was busy with other quilts, so it sat in the closet until I had time.
Time came a few days ago. I had already stitched on some batting to a few of the flower I put the layers together and have been stitching happily since.

Here you can kinda see the raised flowers...the lighting isn't great, but you get the idea...

If the preprinted cloth is cheating, well then so be it. I still have to stitch it. I am having so much fun, almost like a paint by numbers, only there aren't any colors, just the blue lines that will wash away when I am done!
The stitching is all free motion on my home long arm...and no rulers...I am using the open toe foot.
No it isn't perfect, but again, I am having fun! When it is all stitched, and then washed, who will see little jiggles...or oops...?
So, between loads of laundry...I am inside warm and dry stitching away...

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NanaDiana said...

I never even knew you could buy that kind of quilt! Wow! I just love it and it is going to be beautiful. Maybe 30 years ago my friend, Judy, did a quilt with the trapunto work. It was gorgeous but SO labor intensive. I like yours-it's got kind of the same look really. xo Diana