Monday, December 19, 2016

Taking Time

At this time of year, with all its hustle and bustle, we tend to get lost with shopping, cooking, cleaning, wrapping and so on. It can be an overwhelming time. It can become a difficult time for many.
So, as my Hubby laughs at me for having completed all the shopping and wrapping and sometimes at Christmas morning for forgetting what is in the wrapped package (because it was wrapped up to weeks ago). I want to share a thought.
Being caught in the moment is a treasure in itself. Enjoy the moments that make Christmas time what Jesus wanted.
It isn't about the gifts.
It isn't about the tree.
It is about friends and family.
So, that is why I shop most of the year...and wrap early.
So that the time making cookies is special.
So that on the spur moments can be miracles.
So I can take the time to read to my Grandson....
Christmas isn't about the perfectly decorated house, or about the cookies, or even the presents...its about being present in the present.
I thank God for this time.
Some day I know that everyone could all be moved away....that things could change for whatever reason. So I cherish every moment...even some of the slightly frantic ones....for they are still so short-lived.
So in light of this I wanted to share my thoughts. It is a season of Thankfulness that should last all year. A year that begins and ends on Christmas.
I wish you a wonderful season....may it be wonderful and memorable.


NanaDiana said...

Nancy-That is so very true- it is all about living in, enjoying, and loving the moments we are in. I am coming down home row here but haven't felt overwhelmed or stressed this year--of course there IS a week left. lol Christmas blessings to you- xo Diana

Pam Richardson said...

Nancy, a beautiful reminder of what is so important! Merry Christmas!