Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Truth About Bugs

This year was a crazy year for bugs at our house.
Lots of flies, fleas, and others seemed to be everywhere, both good and bad bugs.
What happened?
Well, for years I sprayed with Beneficial Nematodes and for three years, well, I didn't. I didn't think it was doing any good.
Well, HA!
It was.
You see. Beneficial Nematodes work beneath the surface, where we can't see (obviously) and eradicate many of the bugs before we see them.
What do I mean?
Well, take for example the species..."Steinernema feltieae" ...this group destroy...cabbage maggot, humpback flies, onion maggots, pill worm, raspberry crown borer, schrods, shore flies, thrip and more....
Read on....
The species "Sterinernema carpocapsae" destroy passing bugs...such as fleas, cutworms, fly larvae, termites and more....
Have any of those???
How about.....
"Heterorhadditis bacteriophora"???
Well, the seek out queen ants, asparagus beetles, bagworms, bands moths, weevil, berry root weevils, oil bugs, carrot weevils, fleas, grubs, and more....
Ok, so we do not have all of those bugs, but at least one out of every list.....
How do they work??
Well, I have a dedicated sprayer that I use only with these guys and you mix them up with warm water and spray. It isn't hard. just hook up the sprayer and spray.....
The magic happens under the soil where the microscopic nematodes go after their food.
It's a little army you are releasing and putting the balance back in the soil.
I like that it isn't a toxic spray.....it is natural.

No it isn't perfect....it just helps put the balance back.
No, I didn't do it for a while....I didn't want to spend the money....but in the end I spent lots of time and frustration on the flies, fleas, and other creatures that ate my garden and hurt my trees and that could have been minimal if I had maintained what I had been doing.
Granted, other neighbors don't spray so flies will still happen....but, if they lay their eggs in our soil, most of those eggs won't hatch.
Now for those of you who have dogs, well, let's talk about the gross part of dogs....the messes they leave behind. I won't go into great gross detail....but around here we pick up right away after the dogs leave their mess....really.
However, the urine well....it soaks in...right?
Yes, we wash what we can and all that....but did you know there are species of flies that are attracted to that area for breeding? Yeah, neither did I until a few years ago.
That is one major area for beneficial nematodes.....your lawn.
Even the lawn that doesn't have dogs is at risk for the bugs....
So, just for flies and fleas one should use these beneficial nematodes....
If you live in the desert like we do....this is an all year thing....so spray twice a year in really bad bug areas....(once is ok....you will still notice a difference)
If you live in an area that freezes....spray when your soil warms up in the spring....you will notice a difference the first year.
Just for the termites even!! Think of it.
A reduction in flies, fleas or pests in the garden...just for a few minutes of time and $$.
I am not an expert, nor do I sell this product....but I know a company that does and this is my opinion and understanding of the product.....
The company I used....Arbico....
Go online to order...or call them...they are very helpful.
And you can be sure....I won't miss another year....

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NanaDiana said...

I know some people are dead set against doing anything that changes the 'natural order' of the 'system'. Living on the bay we have a service that uses a eco-friendly pesticide on the exterior of our house for spiders. Otherwise, we would wake up every day and the back of our house would be heavy with spiders. The water attracts them and they are always seeking a home. When they leave their 'deposits' on the windows and siding you can hardly scrape it off-even using a scrub brush and detergent. I used to have to use a razor blade on the windows to get it off.

Thanks for the information. I hope it really helps someone. xo Diana