Monday, November 7, 2016

Sewing Mania

This weekend I worked on a couple of quilts.
My daughter needed a quilt for a friend whose baby shower is next week...
I don't know why she thinks I can just "whip" them up....but apparently, I do!
So, she picked out fabric from my stash and I pulled out my Accuquilt set that does 12" squares....
It is easy to put together a quilt with 12" squares!
I decided on a pinwheel pattern and away I went!

So, here is the finished quilt that will go to my daughter to take home and wrap tomorrow.
And....since I had the embroidery unit on the machine... I played with another quilt top that has been hanging on the project board for a bit...I decided to play with embroidery designs in my machine. I didn't know that I had cool dogs, horses, and cats! They are big too, which is what these 8" squares needed!

 Aren't these wonderful?? The cats one didn't get in there...but seriously, I had fun, picking colors to use and letting the machine do its work. Each embroidery picture took 30 minutes roughly, give or take a minute here and there.
It is always good, if you have an embroidery unit to run it periodically (so I am told) well mine hadn't been run in a while, and if it had, it only did a name here and there.
I actually have ordered through eBay some more embroidery cards (yes, mine is old can go directly to computers, but not a Mac)....
So, I was busy this weekend....
What did you do??

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NanaDiana said...

That quilt is beautiful!! I have always wanted a machine that did embroidery. Mine will do dozens of stitches but I can't do big pieces like that. I am jealous! lol

You are just a sewing dervish! lol xo Diana