Tuesday, November 22, 2016

In the Kitchen Laboratory

Do you "play" in the kitchen? Do you experiment with ideas and recipes?
I do. Plan and simple, it is play.
Sometimes it "pans" out and sometimes it doesn't.
Tonight it might just work!
I wanted to reheat some rice from last night to go with the roast chicken.
But, we desperately needed some veggies....how can I get veggies in Hubby?
So out in the garden we have a few King beans(like lima beans, but better) still growing, so I picked a handful, along with some parsley and some arugula leaves and beet leaves. Yes, I did.

See the beans?
First I put some olive oil in the blender, lime juice, salt and three cloves of garlic. Then I threw in the bean(these are shelling beans), I broke up the greens and tossed those in and blended it. After, that I threw in some pine nuts....
Did it work?? Sure it did...

Isn't it the prettiest color??
Heck of a way to get veggies in us.....LOL.
Now, I have to say, our arugula is fully mature...so it is actually a bit too bitter for salad...
It is perfect for this application, the baby arugula at markets wouldn't be quite as good I don't think...think of basil with its strong flavor....
We are also playing with poultry rubs for the turkey, and we are mixing it ourselves....testing on that chicken I told you about....I will let you know how that turned out....
Have a great evening.

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NanaDiana said...

LOL- We do a LOT of pulverizing here for John. It has to go through a tube for him to 'eat'....lol
You are a smart girl to do it that way!
Hope you will have a Happy Thanksgiving. xo Diana