Sunday, November 27, 2016

A New Project (for next year)

I have started on a quilt for a dear friend. She was admiring several of my quilts, and when I asked if she wanted one, she got kind of a sheepish look. I asked what colors she would like.....why, purples/lavenders and grey with white. When I asked what kind of pattern she might like, she fell in love with the Irish Chain I have in the family room.
Now the one I have in the family a single Irish Chain. It is simple with two colors.
From studying the several Irish Chains, if you use two color....a single chain works.
three colors can be in a double....but using three to four colors needs the more complex Triple Irish chain.....
So, with the colors I found and cut for her quilt, it had to be the triple....
So here is the first square.
It measures 14" I have to create the set square for it to be an Irish Chain....
But what do you think?
Yeah, I know, it is gonna take a while....
Take care.
Enjoy your day!

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