Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Ever since we came back from our trip to Wyoming, I had a vision for a quilt.
It was going to be a bigger quilt. It was going to be amazing.
Well, reality is I challenged myself quite a bit and stitched my way into untried areas of my quilting.
It is an appliqué quilt, which isn't my forte in the least, but sometimes we just have to do things we aren't good at.
But, I did have fun and I learned a great deal.
Meet Heartland.....

All the appliqué pieces were designed, cut and applied by me. I designed the boots first using the boots I had used at the dude ranch, and the hat was my Hubby's hat....
The saddle I got the idea from a picture and cut the individual pieces.
I did have grand ideas  about thing with this quilt, that did not get to happen.
For example, the boots were going to have more embellishment when I quilted. But, alas, I found that free motion quilting doesn't work very well with faux suede and the sticky stuff used to adhere all the pieces.
I could pull off the quilting on the saddle only if I used a strong Gutterman thread....not my usual silk thread.
For the main background, I wanted to try a technique I had seen on Pinterest....well it didn't work quite as I had planned, but still works as it shows some motion, which the appliqué did not.
Last night, after this picture I finished the binding and created a label for it with it's name.
I did have fun and that as quilters know has to be the foundation of every project....

Here is a close-up of the boots and hat.....

All finished here with its binding.

This is the backing fabric and the binding fabric as well....

Why the name Heartland?
Well, before our trip for months we watched a show (a Canadian series now in its tenth year) called Heartland....so the name stuck quite aptly I think for the quilt and for the memories of the Dude Ranch we went to.
Have a great day...

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NanaDiana said...

Nancy--That is BEAUTIFUL! You did a marvelous job on it. Makes me want to quilt again (someday). I hope you have a really special place to display it. It is to lovely to be hidden away. xo Diana