Monday, October 3, 2016

An Evening Under the Pergola

I swear, we have never in 26 years enjoyed our backyard more!
We can use it so much more now with the pergola....
And yesterday, Hubby put up the string lights so we have light and ambiance!
We had smoked lamb chops and zucchini last night under our "twinkling" lights...
I felt as if we were at some lovely restaurant...

Hubby was pretty pleased with himself, as he should be...there was a great deal of time up on a ladder to staple the lights up...and then put up an extension cord to accommodate the lights.
The bag you see hanging to the right of the pergola, though ugly, yes, very ugly is a bag with water, lime juice and salt with was a trick on I saw online to repel flies....I think it might actually work. I will of course test it more and let you know.
But we had the best time...

Here are Hubby's lamb chops and was delish!
The recipe for the marinade for the chops is actually one for rack of lamb, but it worked for this...

This is looking out at the lights with no light on in the you can see they are pretty bright. It is only 4 strands of lights on the pergola. We can return 2!
The original plan was to put up a ceiling fan, and we did find one that is rated to be outside...but we are having doubts about putting one up. We could just "cap" the outlet, it is valuable and I am glad it is there, but really, the amount of time we need it is minimal and I think it might take from the cozy atmosphere....What do you think about ceiling fans in an outdoor space?
In any case, I hope we inspire you to update your outdoor space....we waited too long for this and wonder why we never did it. It is by far money well spent!
Have a great day!

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