Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It Is Almost a Patio!

Work on the patio continued yesterday at an amazing speed. From just the base to pavers in hours.
They even got a bit of pitch to the drains incorporated, but not too much.
It was joyous to walk out there this morning and feel the pavers underfoot.
I was planning where things are going to go.
Since the contractor is going to be building the pergola, we have to figure where things will go, so that maybe we can turn on the sprinklers again....otherwise, we will have to add a new lawn to the project!
They will be finishing up the patio and then adding the small planter wall. It made a huge difference to cut off the little round garden bed yesterday, must have added about 9 square feet! Perfect for one of the BBQs!
So, today I will get shots of the progress. They will most certainly be done by tomorrow, two days ahead of schedule!
Simply amazing.
Their clean up has been pretty good, not spotless, but very good. And hopefully it doesn't rain today. That would throw everything off.
Yeah a 20% chance of rain this morning.
Go figure.
Anyway...here is what I have for pictures for you....

Pretty awesome, right?? I understand why it is so expensive, and yet this company charges a fair amount in the end...They are organized and considerate. This team works so well together, just like a well oiled machine....
And pavers are so perfect for all kinds of soil conditions, especially adobe soil that expands and contracts all the time. When there is a problem,  God forbid a broken pipe, or cracked paver due to roots etc, you can get it up fix it and replace. Well, in our case, we call them. There is a two year warranty on their work and after that a small fee to come out and take care of issues....
Cement is a much bigger issue.
Cement will always crack.
Can you tell I like the pavers?? They have done a good job....and we are pleased...

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