Sunday, August 14, 2016

Playing With Pinwheels

I originally had a different quilt all ready for our neighbor who is due to have her baby soon.
I tried four times to take it over and four times she wasn't home. What are the odds.
However, I had a nagging feeling about it.
It wasn't the right quilt for her or her baby.
You see, we had had a conversation about colors in the baby's room.
She had mentioned grey and white with yellow.
What is important here is she doesn't know what sex the baby is.
She and her husband made a decision that they didn't want to know.
They never have with the other two children, boys.
They don't want to know now.
So, I needed a gender neutral quilt.
The one I kept taking over, well, it was definitely more boy, than girl and definitely not gender neutral.
It is a difficult thing this day and age to create a gender neutral quilt.
Almost all fabric is one or the other.
Just try.
Unless, you do just solid color blocks in yellows, grays, greens, it will somehow be one or the other.
So, after being unsuccessful in taking a gift over. I stopped and created a new one.
I went for a pinwheel pattern. 12" squares using grey and some patterned fabric I had that was more gender neutral than before.
Because I wanted to get it done...I didn't do anything terribly fancy on the quilting, just all over meandering. However, I did have a bit of fun and quilted "Baby" into one triangle.
The backing too was carefully chosen...a grey with little white triangles.
I felt pretty darn good about it when I took it over.
Except for the fact that I rang the doorbell.... and woke up the boys who were having trouble taking their naps!
Oh, well, mission accomplished. The Dad gave me a hug and said he couldn't wait to open the package......

Hope you have a great day!!


Lynn Bean said...

How sweet! It will snuggle that new little one quite nicely! It is nice to hear of couples who do not wAnt to know if it is s boy or girl. Pretty rare nowadays! Your gift is wonderful and I am sure most appreciated.

Suzanne said...

OH, what a lovely quilt. Really special gift. I still have mine from when I was a baby!