Friday, August 5, 2016

Our New Smoker

This is not a paid for advertisement, just a personal note about my Hubby's new pellet smoker.
We absolutely love it.
Not question at all.
We have now smoked Chicken, try-tip, salmon and stuffed zucchini.....

Because of the this smoker's design you can do whatever you'd want to do in an oven, in this smoker/grill....
The premise is at low temp longer cooking you get more smoke.....
Higher temp, less time less smoke flavor.
But, because it is not direct flame, you get ease and deliciousness.....
It is computer programmed to run an auger to feed the fire box to maintain a temp.
so, basically it's almost "set it and forget it"....
The flavor on the food is totally amazing and just what we were looking for.
Hubby can't be more excited. His biggest gripe with the old smoker was that the thermometer was not accurate. And then he'd have to keep feeding wood chips.
A pellet grill does all that for you, so you can concentrate on the recipe and cut of meat, or fish, or veggie.
And, you can do breads, pizza etc in this too.
When we were in Hawaii we fell in love with an outdoor oven that a chef used to make our lunch.
We started looking at outdoor ovens....and nixed the idea as most were just too expensive.
Well, we now have one!
It is easy and wonderful.....
I just had to give you our input on this.....
Today we will be smoking a small (2.18 lb pork shoulder). I'll let you know.
Hope you have a great day.

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