Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Money Down The Drain

I don't know about you, but there are times when money is well spent and others it's not.
There are times when you think you are doing the right thing, like going to the "authorized dealer" and times when you do not.
Remember my saga about my sewing machine?
Remember I took it in and it wasn't right?
I took it back, another week goes by and it still wasn't right.
They had the audacity to tell me it was my "technique" that was making it not work right.
They said it was working fine.
I was in tears.
I am angry.
It is not working right when it doesn't pick up the bobbin thread.
It is not my technique.
My technique with free motion is just fine thank you.
My technique has created over 80 quilts for a year and a half.
My technique knows when a sewing machine feels like it is driving through gravel.
My technique knows when my sewing machine is not working right and it is not.
I took it to an independent guy here in town who sells Bernini, Elna, Janome and such. He doesn't sell Brother (which I have and love).
However, he said he would look at it, free of charge and then call and let me know what he thinks has happened. He ran it while I was there. No, it didn't pick up the bobbin thread. No, he said, it feels like and sounds like it is dry. (Um, that it was supposed to be clean and oiled)
So, here I am in limbo...again. Week three, going on four.
Four weeks of no sewing machine, no quilting....
Am I frustrated? You bet.
Oh, who was it that "serviced" the machine? Moore's
They are the only one and only "authorized" dealer in Orange County....there are 6 locations including Riverside County and the service center is in Rancho Santa Margarita....all machines go there.
So, if you have a Moore's forget them.
My Hubby is furious....he spent a HUGE sum of money to buy this machine 7 years ago and even more for service.
Their gimmick is for you to buy their service plan ($600) and then to try and sell you a new machine if you don't. Yeah, we bought that service plan when we first bought the machine and all was well. But since we haven't "re-upped" the service plan things started happening with so called service.
They just want me to buy a new machine.....
So, we will see what happens next....
Casey at the shop will call me today and let me know what he finds....
Sorry for the venting here...

This is the last quilt I did before taking it in. I did free motion feathers, no stencil, no marks. There is nothing wrong with my "technique"....It actually is pretty good, and was getting even better....
So, here's to hoping the machine comes back working.
What is to say he won't try to sell me a new machine?
I have to trust someone.
So, here's hoping I can....
Have a good day.
I'm going out with a friend today...

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