Monday, July 25, 2016

The Smoker

Remember when I told you about the new smoker??
Yes, well, it arrived on Friday and that evening we had smoked chicken!
Not bad for a first time with this smoker either!
There were just a few "glitches", which when one has a new "toy" one has to expect, right?
Well, we brined our chicken using the recipe we had used it was an even comparison.
And, we followed the directions in the manual.
It was fantastic!
We are able with this smoker to set a temperature and walk away!
All smoking in the past has required Hubby to hover and watch to keep the temp and to add wood chunks or what have you.
This pellet smoker (also can be used as a grill) is adds the wood pellets for you and keeps the temp for you!
I my daughter's boyfriend said..."that's cheating".....HA! It's simply wonderful!
Now, for the learning curve.
We had it assembled and delivered...but it still had some styrofoam in it so we cleaned it up, not paying a huge amount of attention to the way the underlying grills and baffles were arranged.....
So, the grease didn't travel correctly to the bucket outside the grill, but found a path to the patio....
Hubby had it set for 225 degrees, which it maintained, but it would have taken 6 hours as opposed to the 2-2 1/2 it should have, he played a bit and raised the temp after 3 hours to 300...that finished it off.
Hubby needs to learn where to stick the built in thermometer to get a good true reading....he ended up trusting his instant read biggie.
So, how did it turn out?
It was truly life changing in smoking terms.
Now, he is ready to try other recipes and larger cuts...and fish and game.
Let me introduce our Green Mountain Grill....

This is the Daniel Boone Green Mountain Grill....small, but not the actually can hold two turkeys!....(about 12lbs each)

Here it is just beginning to smoke.....
 Dear Hubby reading his manual...always a good thing to do. (The shop vac was out to get the styrofoam out that remained..)
 Here is the smoker working...notice that Hubby is not hovering....
 This is the picture of the two chickens...before we started...they were pretty big.....

And this is one of the chickens....isn't the color lovely? And the skin I might add was tasty! But even better was the chicken! Oh my! The best smoked he has done! Really!! It was amazing!
Moist, tender, juicy and just plain delicious!
So, now I picture everything done in this smoker/grill. According to the book, it can do everything!
Babysitting this entire week, talk later.

This is not a commercial....not endorsed by Green Mountain or anything....just our experience that I wanted to share.

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