Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Purple Martin Birdhouse

Well, better late than never.
What was the hold up? A bracket. A very specially designed bracket made just for this house.
Now, purists out there, I am aware that purple martin birdhouses are best out at the edge of a field, with no trees, bushes etc. I am also aware that the birds do not like people houses, so that the way we erected this particular house goes against the rules so to speak.
However, safety in a suburb was the main reason for this. 
We get some really strong winds and even if we had found the perfect site to sink the pole into the ground with cement, it was a danger to the sidewalk and those around. We all agreed that safety was primary and bird rules last.....
That  being said, our daughter's boyfriend, who can create things from metal and weld took it upon himself to create a very well designed bracket to hold the pole.
So, yesterday, after I had painted it the house color, he and our daughter came and he put it together.

The pole is 15 ft tall, especially created by the birdhouse company to go with the house....
So, maybe next year.
I noticed day before yesterday that the swallows in the area have already moved on....their babies have left the nest and summer will be over before you know it.
Purple martins are the largest of the swallow family.
They are fairly rare here, but I have seen them.
There used to be more of them....we used to have meadowlarks also...they are gone....
Purple martins are diminishing also....due to developers taking away their habitat.....
But, hey, if there is one.....there is more...
It is worth a try.
Swallows eat their weight in bugs everyday.
Even more when they have babies.
That is a good reason....right?
So along with helping monarch butterflies at our house, and bluebirds, and other birds...we are reaching out to the swallows....
Yeah, I'm the crazy lady in the neighborhood.....
Have a great day...

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