Thursday, July 21, 2016

Just a Vent

Ok, so remember I told you about my machine? And how they tried to sell me a new one and I just said no?? And how it would take 2 weeks?
Yeah, so I called yesterday and apparently they "tried to call" and it was ready a week ago!
So, Hubby drove me up in traffic to go get it. We paid an absurd price for it and brought it home. I then went off to get my hair done. When I returned I was excited to get going on a project.
I almost always do a trial run before starting....good thing. It is WORSE than before!
Yeah, so so very, very angry!
So, today I babysit then run up to the shop and run back to babysit some more because my daughter has two appointments today. The thing is, I have to take the machine up to my daughter's, take into her house so it doesn't get too hot in our heat and then put it back in the car and then take it to the shop.
Inconvenient, yes. Frustrated? More than.
My machine weighs 55lbs.
Angry? oh yeah.
And, they are the only authorized dealer and repair shop for my machine.
Last night I lay awake wondering if I could do without my quilting.
I don't think so.
It is too much a part of me.

So, I pray they fix the machine right this time and on the double!

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