Sunday, July 17, 2016

Farewell to an age....

About four years ago, for his birthday, I gave Hubby a smoker.
We'd been watching too many DDDs (diner, drive-ins, and dives), the TV show that often shows off BBQ joints and smokers.....
Hubby has always been interested in smoking meats.....
So, for that birthday, I gave him a little smoker. I knew nothing about smokers, neither did he.
Well, he used it about three times, but grew frustrated.
Frustrated by having to stand guard and monitor all the time.
Frustrated that he was the regulator....
So, this last time, with the chicken he smoked which did turn out fantastically, he started thinking about a bigger and better smoker.
Now, our yard is just that, a yard. Not big enough for a huge smoker, so we went looking.
It is always better to see them in person and talk to several people.
We went to the Ace Hardware, we went to an BBQ outlet, we went to a local BBQ shop.
We of course looked online at options.
There are so so so many options.
Here is our little smoker....
Which, by the way, is now for sale.
Complete with the bag of hickory chunks....
Here is how Hubby always used it, well, after the first time.....
It was little and hard on his back to bend over, so he used the old Weber kettle BBQ to hold it up. Which I might add was just genius. Extra fire protection, up and away from dogs and children, and more at his height to work with.
So, yesterday, went to a couple of other places and then went back to the shop that is local.
He liked the guy who helped him, Dan at OC Barbecues Plus, which is on Harbor in Costa Mesa.
Anyway, Hubby bought a Green Mountain pellet smoker.
Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to transport a 155lb smoker to we paid for them to deliver it and that won't be until Friday.
Why that one?
Well, it is digital and it keeps it's own temperature with the pellets with an auger that pulls in the pellets as needed. So, you can set it for 225 and it will stay at 225. It is supposed to be so efficient that you can ALMOST set it and forget it.
There are models that have WiFi, but we opted not to get that as the patio is just outside and he can go out and look at the read out.
Oh, and it has a built in thermometer for the meat as, it tells you what temp it is.
Yeah, pretty spiffy.
It's a long way from the beginning little smoker.
So, that little smoker is for sale....
Anyone, who is interested, locally anyway....let me know.
In the meantime, we need to get the patio ready to accept it.
We need a new extension cord for the smoker.
We need to move the BBQ over  and the kettle, well he has decided it can stay for a while....he still loves it (even though he hasn't used it in years). It was a birthday present years ago.
So, I am sure there will be posts later about the new smoker.
If you are interested go to
And by the way, they are running a special right now so they are on sale! (it saved us about $50)
Happy Sunday!!

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