Sunday, June 5, 2016

We Were on Vacation!

My husband is very romantic....and set up a 39th anniversary celebration like no other....we went to Maui!
We were there for 8 days! Mostly we relaxed with no plan....but then we did do some things. We did a tour of an organic coffee farm, where we also toured the rest of the organic farm where they raise all the produce for the two restaurants the company owns, and had a terrific gourmet lunch after our group harvested the salad greens for our salad. We went up in a helicopter and flew around the island and across the sea to Molokai to see some amazing waterfalls. We enjoyed part of a restaurant week and visited Makena Beach. We drove to Lahaina and Kalapani and Napili areas. We took in a Luau and again ate way too much as we watched traditional Hawaiian dances.
Overall....a lovely vacation !!

For those who are unfamiliar with Maui, this is the area known as Wailea where we stayed. Lovely area, and if you are into snorkeling...a fantastic area for that and scuba.

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cindy@bornhouseliving said... sweet of hubby to do that for your anniversary! Congrats to the both of you on 39 years:) Your trip sounded lovely! My husband had to go to Hawaii for the Marine Corps one year, and he said he would like to take me because he thinks I would LOVE it! So glad you both had a wonderful time;)