Friday, June 17, 2016

The Secret to My Garden

Well, I am going to tell you one of my secrets.
I have for years purchased plants online from a very reliable source. They are from Richmond, CA.
Well known in the business for years now, Annie's Annuals (and Perennials) are probably the best source of plants that you cannot find in other nurseries. They ship with a schedule and you know when they will arrive. They ship in a box that is so well done. The only problem I have ever had is when the carrier didn't read the box that said "This Side Up"....and the plants still did ok.
But honestly, of all the nurseries to order from, they have been the best. The take such care of each plant!

Yesterday's shipment was just 6 plants. Three milkweeds and three agastaches...
Milkweed is hard to get to survive from seed. I planted oodles of them....but only one has survived outside. So, I ordered from Annies. These are native species to the US, and therefore better for the Monarchs.
In any case, I will be busy today....getting these guys out to their new homes.
I just wanted to share my secret with you.

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