Sunday, June 12, 2016

One busy week

I have been so busy this week....mainly getting caught up with family.
But, I did manage to can apricot jam from the very productive tree.
Even though I didn't spray it, and lost a few....I still was able to can 14 half pints of jam. The last 5 were Apricot/Peach jam. Yum

I did the canning over three days as the apricots ripened. Next year I will use an organic tree spray to keep the bugs away....there were quite a few little worms in the apricot....
Then, I worked on the craft room. The craft room used to be my daughter's room and the two closet shelves were still full of her things from childhood. So, I started small and did just one shelf. Now, that shelf is fabric! So much better to have it straight ahead to see.......

See the shelf above?? yeah, it's time to take care of that...she will in a few weeks....we are planning on it, but right now I'm excited to get a shelf to see the larger pieces of fabric that are available by color. I don't think I need to buy anymore fabric....but one never knows. My biggest problem is solids and we will see.
I am finishing a baby quilt for a friend of my other daughter this coming week. We were going to embroider the baby's name, but they are not sure of the name, so, I will be busy quilting.
I hope your week is a good one....

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cindy@bornhouseliving said...

The jam sounds delicious! Every year my mother and grandmother would make jam, but since my grandmother passed away this March, I'll need to fill an awfully big pair of shoes to help my mama:) Would love to see the quilt when you finished! Have a wonderful day, Nancy!