Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Furry Truth

I am not a good housekeeper. I am lazy....to tell the truth. I like to vacuum once a week, but lately, it has to be more often. You see this is the WORST shedding season we have ever had. I have used the Furminator, the shedding blade and brushes....shampoos, and everything....more than once a week. One shouldn't use the Furminator too much as it has a blade and can irritate and cut a dog....be careful with them.
Our dog Tucker, is almost 11 and has shed horribly most of his life and we live with it, but this year is by far the worst. I've heard all the theories as to why, but most importantly I like to share what can be done....
This is Tucker. He will be 11 years old on June 16. His shedding has always been constant. Not like other labs that shed heavily twice a year, he sheds all the time. This season is the worst yet.
Literally, with all the shedding that I have tackled I could have made another dog or two! The back lawn looks like snow!
Anyway, I have stumbled on a bit of help that I want to share.
I noticed about 4 days ago that both dogs' coats were dry. So, I started giving them about two teaspoons of coconut oil in their food. I worried about diarrhea. In actuality, it did no such thing but I see an improvement...thinking it is good for the intestines....
Anyway, that and of all things a horse brush we had.

It is one of the stiffer brushes, not super hard nor soft, kinda in between...with plastic bristles. the dogs love it! When I say, "let's go gloomy.." they run for the door!
After the shedding blade, this this is perfect! It helps stimulate the skin and oil glands....
The dogs coats are softer, the oil makes the skin feel cooler, moister and overall the shedding is subsiding.
Tucker's coat hasn't been this nice in a while, Belle's feels great too, but there is a difference I hadn't noticed ever before....It's hard to describe, but if you groom your dog, you will notice a difference too. The coconut oil is making a difference.....just a little scoop with their dog food everyday is going to show!
I have tried numerous additions to food in the past...nothing else comes close. Most of them upset their tummies in one way or other....and Belle, she has allergies to a lot of stuff....so far, not coconut oil. And as a side note...she isn't itching as much either!
So, just for the readers that are dog parents with shedding and itching issues...here is my testimony...I am pleased!
The coconut oil is from Costco at a great price (I am not endorsed by them to say so, just from my own experience).
Have a terrific fur free day!


Calypso In The Country said...

Thank you so much for the tip! I have a golden retriever so I completely understand the shedding. I vacuum all the time yet still have little tumbleweeds rolling around on my floor! I am going to try your tips. Thank you!

Deserae said...

I'm glad you were able to find something that works to help with the shedding. My Two Yorkies do not shed but our cat does. I brush her and it is still out of control all the time. Thankfully she likes to be brushed!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

OMG I just cracked UP! I have Jugsy...he is part Rott and part Husky. There are only two months of the year that he does not shed profusely. Then there is Lily...I took her in when a neighbor had to move and couldn't take her. Long hair...shedding , matting etc. I can usually keep up but due to having some leg troubles recently I've not been able to crawl around and deal with her ....brushing, cutting mats etc and will probably have to take her to a groomer who will think that I am awful or something. THEN there is Kanga the cat...also long haired and shedding like crazy right now. If I skip a day in vacuuming and someone came to visit they'd think that I was a horrible housekeeper, as it would appear as if I'd not swept for a week! And thank you for the TIP! :)