Monday, May 23, 2016

The Busy, Wonderful, All Good Weekend

Our weekend started with a Graduation, well, not for us....but a recognition for my hubby and friends in the Kiwanis group that works with OCC (Orange Coast College) kids and projects. They were "garbed" up and brought in as part of the Graduation Ceremony. Hubby told me about it but wasn't going to tell the "kids" (it's no big deal). Well, after much prodding, he allowed me to tell the kids...and of course they wanted to go! So, Friday was the day. It was very cool being apart of a ceremony....

It has been 39 years since he wore a cap and gown....I think the guys all did a great job! And I am so glad they were recognized for their work....
Then, after the ceremony we all went to the Claim Jumper! Little Royce was grumpy at first,  but luckily the server brought yummy garlic and cheese bread....Royce was perfectly happy after....I have to say, Claim Jumper is great for taking kids to....they are quite prepared and they have a huge child's plate.....
Saturday was a day of gardening...doing some of the things we haven't like pruning, deep watering and so on.....I also picked some pickling cucumbers and turned them into bread and butter pickles! I used the Ball Bread and Butter mix and the hybrid canner I have to shorten the time doing this...I do prefer the longer method, but time wasn't in this method took a little over an hour total....from setting up to cleaning up! Now I have 5 pints of pickles!

Later, as we walked the dogs, there was an Estate Sale...and of course I had to go in. Most of the furniture was too ornate for our house, but I found this little table that tugged on my cute! It has lovely inlay and when I asked how much the man said it was an antique...well, a little chat back and forth...and Hubby and I hurried home with the dogs and got the car to get our new little table.

Yesterday, more gardening! We went to Roger's Gardens, I had been given a gift certificate for Mother's Day, so I used it. I bought a bunch of flowers some of which were for planting an old fountain that hasn't worked in years.

So, our day was, our weekend was busy.....but a good busy! This week looks to be busy too....and I might not post for a while....some weeks are like that.
Hope your week is a great one!

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