Sunday, May 1, 2016

Making Peach Jam

We have a very small peach tree that lives in a pot out on the parkway. Every year, in January it starts to bloom. Yup. January.
This year its blooms were quite spectacular and it seems that every blossom became a peach. Thank you bees!
However, I did not thin them as I should have. If you have an over abundance, you must thin them so you can have nutrients go to the fruit. Because I didn't thin them, they ripened but remained quite small. How small you ask? Well they remained the size of a walnut in most cases. Some got a bit bigger, not by much.
Well, this is a picture of the second batch we harvested, basically stripping the tree. Hubby left a few on to see if any get bigger. But honestly, not likely.
Anyway, the first batch that we harvested I decided needed to at least be made into jam. They taste wonderful! Small....but mighty.....
So, I washed them. I cut a small slit and put them into boiling water to get the skins off, then cut the meat from the pit. After an hour and a half of non-stop work.....I gathered 4 1/2 cups of peach. For my small batch jam machine I only needed 3 1/4 cups....perfect! The rest of the peach went into a smoothie.
So, 55 mins after going into the jammer and then the canner, we got.......4 1/2pints of peach jam. A lot of work for such a small harvest....
May have been a lot of work....but well worth it. I used the low sugar was quite delicious....Hubby had two pieces of toast this morning to eat the tiny amount that didn't get canned. He said it was the best.
Now, the second batch we harvested is sitting and ripening over a few days.
Today, I am going to make relish.
Our cucumber plant has given us a couple of cukes....and not wanting to waste those, we went to the Farmers Market to buy a few more to make relish. Into it will go some peppers we grew and some we did not. It should make a good amount of relish....Hubby likes that too.
Hope your Sunday goes well.....

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