Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Quilting away

I've been very busy building the quilt for my niece and her fiancé.
I wanted to make it at least queen size.....and I've only ever done a double bed size...so this is the biggest quilt I have done, and I am trying to quilt it myself.
Why you ask? Well, I happen to love quilting, though in this case I may have bitten off more than I can chew so to speak.
It measures right now....81 x 99
That is big.
However, if I pull this off, it will be lovely.
She isn't expecting it....doesn't know I'm trying to do it, so we will see.
Yesterday, I finished the top.
Here are some shots....
So, you can get a feel for the new sewing set up that I have in the craft room....
 This set up allows me to get more done as I am just right there, no trekking down the hall to the table to use the Accuquilt, and I can sew and then iron....it moves more efficiently....
Here is the big quilt draped over the iron....I need a bigger ironing board! Is there such a beast?? A quilting ironing board??
IN any case in the next few days I plan to lay it out on the floor....carefully on the wood floors....and get my "sandwich" together....and then start the quilting...this will not be a "quilt in a day".....

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