Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Craft Room

I am a lucky lady.
Yes, I am.
I have a dedicated craft room....or will.
You see, it's been about 20 years since my daughter slept in this room.
No one has used this bed in about 18 years. So, the only one who has used the bed is, well, the dog. He thinks its for him.
But truth be told the bed is old, dirty and broken down...so it is time to get rid of it.
I wanted a table in here to use for cutting, small layouts for quilts and then a table the help hold up larger quilts when I am quilting.
So, the other evening, while Hubby was watching something awful on TV I went cruising online.
I have been looking for a table forever.
I'd dearly love an antique French looking table. But really? It would be very expensive and then you wouldn't want to work on it. Right?
So, I went to Amazon.
Yup, again.
I had originally told myself I'd get a table from Ikea which is literally just up the street. However, it didn't make me do a happy dance....event though the price was right. $69
But, instead I found a "farm" table that is pretty cute at a little over a hundred.
It's a good size too...not too big,nor too small....and because Hubby has to help put on the legs....it will get down our too narrow hall!
So, guess what?
The craft room is getting a makeover.....again.

This is the way it looks right now, today.
This bed is all stripped and on the list for the large item pick-up Thurs. This Thurs!!
I am washing the twin sheets...they are fine and will be donated to the Assistance League.
Once the bed is gone I got to thinking that maybe I will paint the lower wall....maybe not . I had just finished reading Savy Southern Style (one of my daily reads) and she is redoing a room too and she is painting. So is French Country Cottage (another daily read)...she found a perfect white paint....
In any case...I will probably move things around...again. to get the best set up for quilting.
I have a larger quilt that I am making for my niece (hope she isn't reading this) and I will need the space.
I also will need new drapes for this room....oh darn!
I just happen to have some yummy linen that will work in here.....
These little drapes were once sheets that I stamped with fleur de lis ....but I think its time....
or maybe roman blinds??
That might be better in here.....
Things will have real places to go and then in a month or two....I will clean out the closet....
In any case, stay tuned......

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