Friday, March 25, 2016

The Almost Finished Baby Shower Quilt

So, I spent all day yesterday getting the little quilt ready to quilt and then quilting it.
I had a good time. I ended up treating each square differently....
The patches of fabric with no writing got a general meandering quilting. The written/drawn squares got some quilting because one wouldn't want them to fall I ended up quilting around most written words to bring them up to focus and to secure them. The pictures I quilted around them to raise and highlight them....
The backing fabric is a darling ocean print....and it goes nicely with the new baby's room.

I think it turned out pretty sweet, what do you think?? A memento of a special day and special people!
I will try and get it bound today, but it may have to wait for next week....
Have a Happy Easter.

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