Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Rest of the Story

Well, here are some leftover random shots from party and prep..
 Cheese and crackers....
 This is the counter where I had appetizers for guests as they arrived...after all, people do not always arrive on time....                                    

These are the 12 chicken breasts that I put into the oven....I had a hard time getting chicken with skin...but just a little skin and bones, helps flavor meat and keep it moist when you are doing courses and feeding a large group.
 This is the raspberry crisp...dessert after.....served with ice cream....I had to adjust the recipe I found to account for gluten free and dairy worked....but I did have doubts.....(ice cream fixes everything).
These are the gravy boats....not used for sauce....but this time for dressing as there were so many likes and dislikes for dressing.....
So, did it work??
Well, my daughter said it was awesome....and friends said yes.
For me, well, I was so busy serving and clearing and making sure everyone had what they needed...I am quite numb.
I would recommend having platters next time, let the guests take what they wanted (though that could be a problem if they took two breasts...)...I felt with such a big table it was hard to get around to everyone....took too much time to serve. After all, we don't have footmen, or butlers.
Also, when I set the table, it was actually awkward, saying now pass your salad plate so I can serve you your salad.
It made a delightful presentation of the table, but next time....leave the plates off and just serve each course....
The chargers worked, but if you leave plates off then you don't need them....
So, if you are thinking about table settings and all....unless you are having servers....don't worry.
The point is, we were acting as servers ourselves and the cooks for "a restaurant feel"...for our daughter's we hit that on the head. However, if there is a big event in the future....we either catering or going out.....
So, I'm off to wash the rest of the dishes that didn't get  into the dishwasher and those that have to washed by hand.
Have a great day.

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