Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Contest

I don't usually enter contests....but I did Tuesday. Just before going shopping with my friend to look for treasure....
You see, our patio is drab. Drab, with a capital D.
It is old and worn out...function but not fun.
Last year we hardly used it as the weather was too hot.....
The contest is from Lowe's and French Country Cottage...a blog I read every morning. I read lots of blogs everyday, they are my newspaper.
Anyway, she and few other bloggers are working with Lowe's to do contests that give you a chance to fix a space, in a day.....and I chose the patio.
I know, I fixed it up a few years ago, but really? It is not pretty. I know it's "winter" but here in So. Calif. it is 89 degrees and cold at night...(54 is cold here).
 See? It's ugly. The old cracked patio....the drabness. I'd love new patio seating...other than at the table....I'd adore ( have wanted for 26 years) a patio cover....The table is handmade by Hubby (so I love it) but the chairs are his Grandmothers and honestly...cumbersome and her old table off to the left that we use as a "buffet" well, its so rusted that it will quite honestly fall apart one day.
I hate the umbrellas, did I mention I want a patio cover?? They are lovely for the first few weeks, then with know what they do to it. Don't get me wrong, I love birds, and encourage them....they really have no where else to go...I'm one the die hard gardeners in the area...everyone seems to be going to gravel and succulents....
Anyway, see the fountain? I adore it. It was something we got for our 35th not matter what it stays!
Will I win the contest? Probably not....but it is fun the day dream...right??
I do hope you have a great day.

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