Monday, January 25, 2016

Being Creative

Sometimes, when we look for something, it just isn't there,'s so expensive it's stupid.
I literally have looked everywhere for gravy boats with a platter. Most are too expensive and most do not have the plate or platter that goes with it.
You know, there you are at Thanksgiving, passing the gravy around the table and the drips that go with it...onto the tablecloth. It's just plain messy, and its actually kinda hard to pass.
Or there is the gravy boat with a plate, but the plate doesn't have the indentation, so the gravy boat slides around almost falling (or does) to the table.
Clearly men designed them.
So, I spent days looking in stores and online looking for just the right white gravy boat. I saw gravy boats I'd look to have that were $110!! But really??
So, I went to Surfas.
Surfas is a restaurant supply open to the public that has wonderful goodies (LA area and Orange County). Literally. Cheese that is restaurant worthy and meats (frozen) and wine, cooking supplies beyond belief and plates etc.
So....I found a white gravy boat...not too cheap looking for $7.58 and a dish for $3.58. Yeah.
And the dish, not designed originally for the gravy boat works perfectly!
It will catch the drips, doesn't slide too much, can be used for other things and its cute....very French looking I might add....
In fact, I bought two!
Why you ask??
Well, picture it.
You have a table, 120" long...12 have to wait all the way to the end of the table for the gravy or sauce??? the price, why not have two?? Just like salt and peppers, I have two sets on the table...

They are modern, but not too much....They are the perfect white...dishwasher safe...and porcelain...what's not to like?? the days go by I will show you more goodies for the party....

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