Friday, December 18, 2015

The Hole Under the Christmas Tree....a Space/Time Dimensional Hole

I was going to just talk about my wonderful day canning marmalades made from our oranges and our daughter's....and about the Lime marmalade which came out the most delicious shade of amber.

I made 16 jars of marmalade....a wonderful day that made me love my kitchen the way it is laid out, for me, to make a mess in.....
However, I've discovered as I have put things under the tree, that there is some kind of space/time hole and have lost two presents that were put there.
I know, it's crazy....but it seems that I have lost my mind, or there is a hole....
You July, I ordered fabric for gifts I wanted to make. The first gifts I made were some delightful kitchen towels from the most scrumptious fabric that is most like a grain sack, but manufactured today. It is a lovely shade of natural linen with woven stripes through it. After a couple of washings, it was perfect and softer and with a good ironing, ready for monogramming!
So I set off doing so, one for each daughter and one for my friend who would thoroughly enjoy the fabric as much as I.
Finished by October with said projects I actually wrapped them and set them aside on the bed in the craft room and proceeded on with the other projects on my list. After all, it appeared that this was going to be a predominately handmade Christmas.....
So, After Thanksgiving, we brought home a tree....and I did my wrapping and placed gifts under the tree....
I rounded the gifts up like cattle from the guest room and the craft room....and place under the tree.
But, my friend's was not there.
Surely, I have not done it again....lost a gift. (I have to say, I am known for this....)
I searched everywhere....including unwrapping and re wrapping gifts that were already under the tree to double check my sanity....
It was no where to be seen....and still hasn't turned up. If you follow me, you know that I have torn up the craft room the extent it isn't the same as it used to be...
Well, I had made peace of a sort with the lost gift and have found another that will suffice...until this morning.
I went under the tree to find my daughter's in-laws gifts ( I wanted to add another jar of marmalade) and that gift, that I so carefully placed under the tree is now also missing!
Seriously?? Really?? I put it there...just like my friend's, I know I did...and yet, it is not there.
I looked on the piano where gifts for another gift exchange have been placed and by the door for a gift exchange (the one with my friend) that happens today....nope not there.....
What is happening?
Do you have this kind of hole?? Or is it me??
I seem to lose a gift each year....usually in the closet where some of my stash is put....or under the bed. But those gifts are not wrapped....

The gifts are now scattered around the room....not just under the part because some are quite large...and in part because I needed to make sure that each person had a fair share...and in part because I can't find those two gifts....that had been put under the tree.
I know I will find them and laugh at myself. Maybe it is "Christmas Alzheimer's", where in the hustle and bustle you do lose a bit of your mind. But we will see....I know I can't be the only person who does this...shops all year, or sews early for those precious gifts for special people and then loses them in the Christmas crunch.
My advice to those who are like me....don't stress too much...have back-up gifts you can get and give those to your peeps...the gifts seem to filter back up (unlike socks that disappear into a different void), after the fact to give us quite a giggle, and you can give those to them later.
So, as you wrap today and the rest of the week in preparation for the Christmas coming...take heart in knowing...if you lose a are not alone....I am right there with you.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post! This happens to me too! And also when you find that perfect birthday card for someone months ahead and then put it away for safekeeping, never to be seen again. I hope you find the gifts before the holiday! Thanks so much for the morning chuckle.

Happy Holidays,