Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Baby "Orange Peel" Quilt...finished

At last, well, minus binding....I have finished the "orange peel" quilt (also known as a "football").
It is an interesting quilt to do, with many steps...not hard really, just lots per square to do. And a bit thicker than most.
Yes, I'll do it again....having learned the ins and outs....and having extra squares begun.
I decided to make it smaller than I originally was going to...a good square works.
So, today, I put aside wrapping and cleaning to work on this quilt. I just needed to quilt!
So, I started and loved the idea of feathers in the centers of the "circles" that the orange peel shapes created....I rather like the way it turned out...

So, what do you think?? I think it looks pretty good from the back too....
The binding will be the backing material done in strips (as usual) .....
Have a great day...maybe now I can go get dressed! I'm still in PJs!

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