Sunday, December 20, 2015

A New Dust Ruffle

Remember I told you yesterday about the linen I bought to make a dust ruffle??
Yeah, I did it!
Because our bed is so large and heavy, I have learned that we can just tuck in fabric and it will stay and that makes it way easier to clean when it needs to be cleaned!
From another blogger who did a dust ruffle, she used T pins to help hold it in place .....genius!
So, today, I lightly pressed the center seam of the fabric so it could be cut in half, lengthwise. The fabric was a little over 54" wide...perfect as I need a minimum of a 22" drop, plus extra to tuck it in.
So, once cut in half, I had 5 yards of fabric for each side plus a wrap around to the foot that went halfway.
Now, I am actually a lazy person. You can go about it anyway you want, but simple done is my I wrapped it, with a snip for the turn for the foot board area and went to the middle, that means my foot board is segmented....but with doesn't show, plus, my bed doesn't show the foot board where it is (and will being staying I might add, but that is another story).
So, I took and ran the cut edge through my Picot foot to finish it off....much more polished I think.
Then, when that was done, I ran the other side, with the selvage, through the ruffler...
The ruffler has many settings, I used the 6 setting, which means every 6th stitch it makes a ruffle.
Now, because it is such a big piece of fabric, the ruffle at the other end isn't terribly apparent, but, it made such a lovely soft drape.
Then, when stuffing it under the mattress, I could make a few extra gathers, for just a touch more "ruffle" and therefore get an even more soft and delightful drape. I was tired of the white straight look.....

 This pin isn't all the way in yet, I just wanted to show you in case you didn't know what they are.

So, here is the finished product! Ta Da!! Finished in about 2 hours tops. (not counting the washing and drying first, which is so so so important with new linen....)
Over all I am in love with the color. It has a bit of white, beige or natural, and some gray. It is perfect for almost every room in our house. Hmmmmm, what shall I make next?? Oh, I know, I will make matching drapes! Then, I might make a slipcover for the sofa in the living room......
At the price, $8.40 a yard, it is cheaper than buying fabric elsewhere or someone else's drapes...especially if the color is right on....(Fabrics-com)
Hope you have a great day!!


Anita said...

I love the look of this linen. How is it when it's finished - does it press well? Do the wrinkles come out? Or,does it have a slightly wrinkled look all the time? When I go to their site, I can't find what you mentioned you used. Would it be possible for you to send me the name of the fabric? I liked what you used.Thank you so much!

Anita said...

Sorry - I just found it. What color did you use? Thanks!!