Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thanksgiving soon and Christmas too!

I am deep in planning mode for Thanksgiving as it will be at my house. I am expecting 8 1/2 (little grandson is the 1/2). I read the ads when they came in this week....and went looking at those turkey "deals"....Went to one store yesterday, the "2 for 1" didn't sit well with me in price or the size of the birds, I will be checking the other store that is offering them for 57 cents a pound....
And yesterday, after putting quilt projects aside, I created some projects and finished them as gifts for Christmas....and two are wrapped already! (I can't show them....they see this blog and I can't give away the surprise!)
So, 4 presents down and just a few more to go!
How are you doing with Christmas gift planning?? Are you a crafter?
Off to babysit....

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NanaDiana said...

I haven't done anything for Christmas yet, Nancy. Well, except matching pjs for the kids for Christmas Eve/morning. I have found if I don't do that early they are gone.
I am hosting Thanksgiving this year, too. It looks like we will have 14 - a decent number-other years we have had the rest of the family here.
Good luck with all your prep. I am going to buy my turkey this next week and stash it in the freezer. xo Diana