Friday, October 16, 2015

Orange Peel Quilt Begins

I was inspired a few weeks ago by a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial on an Orange Peel Quilt (also known as a football quilt). So, I began gathering the supplies.
You need 5" squares (charm pack) in a print  you like (for a large quilt you'd need 4 charm packs) and a solid in 5" squares (4 charm packs).
Since I am doing it to start for a baby quilt I am just using one charm pack, which I ordered weeks ago. While I was at it I also ordered the backing and a jelly roll to use as border or even binding.
Then I went looking for the interfacing. I made two mistakes in ordering since the tutorial only said one sided now I have quite a collection!
So, today, having finally found the interfacing, I began.
 Using this template I cut some pieces of fabric and some of the interfacing.....
This turning cutting board is awesome! It is perfect for those little jobs like this one...
And when you have followed the directions on the tutorial, you end up with this! Won't that be a darling quilt?? The possibilities are endless....It gives the look of "needle turned" without being hard or actually needle turned. (Which I have to say I don't hats off to those who do appliqué on a regular basis!)
 Here you can see the blanket stitch that I have chosen for the stitching on these pieces. You see, when you stitch the interfacing to the fabric (right side to right side) and then turn you get a neat clean little "orange peel" that then just irons onto the solid square. Isn't it cute??

So, I chose the blanket stitch, it takes getting used to when the machine is doing it, and patience as it goes forward and back while doing it and lining it up takes getting used to also....but all in all, not a bad beginning.
So, that is part of what I did today, besides laundry, and writing a list of the projects that are lined up in the craft room....
Hope you had a great day!

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