Friday, October 9, 2015

No Quilt Police Allowed

I came upon an unfinished quilt project at the thrift store. It was bagged and even had border strips cut and ready to go. It was a lovely piece that was lovingly put together. I don't know its story. But I do know that it wasn't perfect, not square...Is that why it was at the thrift store?
Well, no mind. I am not the quilt, I bought it a few months ago to finish.
If you know me, that is my favorite part of quilting, is the actual quilting....where the three layers meet and become one.
As I worked with the quilt, I realized how imperfect it was...but I am determined. Poor quilt top, it deserved having been almost finished, to be finished!
So...I did!

All I did for this quilt was add the border strips that were already cut and in the bag...find some backing material in my stash, and create binding. I had batting already too.
I did stitch in the ditch for most of the quilt and then for the darling flower panels I free motion quilted around the flowers and created "pebbles" in two of the panels.
Add the binding....done..
Why would anyone stop? Well, any number of reasons....sometimes it's the "quilt police" in our own minds or a "friendly" helper who discouraged the quilter.
Every quilt that has been begun, perfect or imperfect is perfect in its own right. They are filled with love and time and matter whether its square or not, or the seams line up just so.
Don't let anyone give advice that turns you away.
I know. I've been there. I went to a couple of quilting classes that had the quilt police out in full force. It is enough to make anyone stop.
I had a neighbor who was the best teacher. She always said, "there is no quilt police...."
I loved her dearly and she was such an inspiration.
In any case, no quilt gets done without its flaws...and not finishing is the biggest crime...
So don't let anyone discourage you in your quilting journey....


NanaDiana said...

I am so glad you finished it up. None of us are perfect and while that quilt might not be perfect is is perfectly imperfect. Love that you finished it and it really did turn out cute. xo Diana

large dining tables said...

Cute finish! I love it. That's perfect! Thanks for sharing!