Friday, October 2, 2015

A Trip to Lake Tahoe

We've been wanting to go to Lake Tahoe as we haven't been in about 30 years. Yeah, I know, right??
So, my wonderful Hubby rented a sweet little cabin just outside of Tahoe, about a ten minute drive to the lake....and we took the dogs.

The drive took us about 9 hours from our home here in So. California as Lake Tahoe is in Northern California.
We had a fairly pleasant drive, good weather and the dogs mostly behaved (except our ten year old lab who has decided that car travel is not his thing anymore).
We got there with plenty of time to settle in, which is good with dogs.
The next day we decided we had to find the beach that dogs are allowed on....(Tahoe is strict about where they are allowed).
The Lake on the Southern side is VERY low, one would have to walk out about 3 football fields to get to any depth of water at all....mostly wading pools at the Southern end. The deep water was on the Nevada side. Very sad.
Our dogs had a good time with what they had though, even though they wanted to swim...especially the younger 8 year old who dragged me out into the water to my knees!
The second day, we found another lake, Fallen Leaf Lake. That is a glacial lake and we went to a day use area....great campground for campers out there!! That was so much fun....

 This is Tucker, he enjoyed swimming though his sister, Belle (not really his sister), enjoyed it the most. They were in harness and long lounge line (20 feet) because they have little experience and we didn't want them to find they couldn't swim back...or worse go after a squirrel and get lost, or hurt.
Isn't it beautiful?? LOvely water....apparently it is spring fed.
Our trip was cut short however, as we got a call that a dear friend of ours has passed away. So, we loaded up and left....three days short of our time....It was lovely while it lasted....
Hope you have a great day.


NanaDiana said...

Nancy- What a wonderful get-away. Too bad about the lake and the low water levels on the one side. It sounds like the dogs enjoyed it....a long ride there and back with a pup that has decided he doesn't like traveling. lol
What a peaceful beautiful place to hang your hat for a few days. Good for you and hubby- xo Diana

Connie said...

Oh, I'm so happy that you got to get away for a few days. It looks like a wonderful place to kick back and relax with your hubby and dogs.