Sunday, October 11, 2015

A New Baby Quilt Top

It's almost 90 degrees here, on a Fall day, in Southern California. Not exactly a classic Fall.
Each early morning, we run our new Whole House Attic Fan in the morning to draw in all the cool air, then close up the windows to settle in to wait til the air outside is cool again, somewhere around 5-6. Sometimes it is as early as 4 or so, but usually it ends up feeling like holding your breath for several hours.
That's when I do more quilting. In the last week, I've finished two quilts, a receiving blanket and some baby washcloths. Not a bad turnout.
The quilt top I'm loving is a single Irish chain baby quilt top that will hang until I get a baby's name to embroider on it.
It is an unusual take on the single Irish chain as it uses many different colors. I saw this done on one of the Pinterest quilts I collect ideas from....It is a bit "hip" and bright and cheery.

The colors are from the Blooms & Bliss from Moda and the border is a jellyroll of the same. It creates quite a bit of fun....and I'm sure in the next few months you'll be seeing it finished....I love figuring what I'm going to do in the open spaces....
I hope you have a grand day. I know I's Little Man's Birthday today and everyone (about 60) will be there!

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NanaDiana said...

OMGOSH---That is SOOO cute. I love the sweet colors and pattern. Great job! xo Diana