Saturday, September 26, 2015

In A Fall Mood

Even though the weather outside is frightful....88 degrees with 80+ % humidity, I still feel in a Fall mood. I've been looking at everyone else's decorating and feeling it was time...even with all our fans on.
So, yesterday, I went an bought a bunch of mums at Trader Joe's (they have the best prices!) And then some pumpkins there too....oh what fun I had....
I pulled out some of the decor I had stored away....and began. I'm not done. The tomatoes are gonna come out of their boxes and I'll put fun plant (probably mums) in and at Christmas, I'll plant something red!
 Ha! It's good to take pictures, one realizes that their doormat is off center! But other than that, I think it looks pretty Fallesque, don't you??

 This is the bird bath in front, some of the summer plants are dying back and setting seed, so I didn't want to pull them out yet, so I just added pumpkins and mums and some silk plants for color....
 Here I'm showing the tomatoes that are really done, Hubby says he'll help pull them out and then I can put mums I did with the box in the back....
Happy Fall everyone!!! (Maybe this will make it get cooler and bring the rain!!)

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Nancy's Notes said...

OH Nancy, I'm so happy you are in a FALL MOOD, love it all! What wonderful photographs! And do you know what? I am now inspired to get my fall stuff out! Thank you! It's still mighty warm in Texas, but I love fall and I do feel a bit of fall in the air on an early morning! I'm going for it!
Happy Saturday~