Friday, August 14, 2015

Fighting Grime

While we have been sick, dirt has accumulated. With two labs, dirt collects anyway let alone not having the energy to clean.
The doctor my husband went to see at the walk-in said, "oh its just allergies, viruses don't keep coming back..."
Well, that's news to us, as everyone we know must then have the same severe allergies!
However, dirt, mold, bacteria etc doesn't I started thinking, rethinking my cleaning....
Certainly chemicals aren't much better either, right?? and if there is a great way to clean I'm interested...
Well, last week we went to the Fair for a couple of hours...(it about did us in with all the crowds etc....), I wanted to see the quilts and home crafts and he wanted to see the commercial building.
In the commercial building was a guy selling steam cleaners....most intriguing. I've thought about them for years...but never did anything....but at the fair I was ready!
However, paying the big price tag didn't appeal....
So, I did what I often do now, I went home and shopped online. Amazon is my store of choice I have to say. I study the reviews and look for the attachments etc that I want.
I found what I think is comparable to the Fair one, for less.....yup, I did.

Meet my new maid! The Haan Slim & has an attachment to steam carpet too, which was one thing I wanted for rugs....
It is so light! It doesn't swivel to get between our toilets and wall, but it is effortless cleaning! I thought there is no way it can clean with just water! But, by golly, it did! The floor has that wonderful feel on barefeet just like when it was new! It got most of the grout thoroughly clean, which without scrubbing amazes me! I even used it on the shower floor! The shower has lots of little square tiles, which means it has lots of got it clean! Without getting on my hands and knees!
Now, granted, it did not get into the corners...which had yucky stuff. However, I got another steamer, a hand held one, for the corners, walls, the microsuede couch...and all the other spots this one doesn't reach.

This little dynamo really gets what the big one might miss or can't do because it is for floors.....
This little thing got dirt I didn't know I had! Wow, and it did all the work! The only drawback to it is the holding tank holds a cup of water...but what it does with that is amazing!
So, with the two cleaners I have two clean bathroom floors, shower floor, walls, and the hooked rug in the bathroom also got cleaned!
YUp, my new maid.....
The Haan was $97 from Amazon and the Pyle was $35.....
With bad backs and betcha! And cleans without chemicals! The directions say you can use tap water, but fine print recommends for longevity of the machines to use distilled water....Makes sense to me. So, tomorrow I plan to use them to get those other areas that need deep cleaning....
Have a great healthy and clean weekend!
PS...I am not being compensated in any way for this endorsement...I've had the machines for a day or two...and am impressed and wanted to share....

Monday, August 10, 2015

Fall is coming

It may be August, but Fall is coming.
The tomatoes show it and many plants do too.
Time to clear out and plant the Fall crops.
I've noticed the change in birds, or lack thereof. Most have left.
The weather has been mild all summer here....though I know September is usually a hot month.
We have had an unusual amount of little thunderstorms rolls through due to the record breaking collection of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Pacific. All due to El Nino. The forecasters are calling this El Nino "Super El Nino" and are forecasting heavy rains and flooding to come....
One of my tasks in the days to come is to recheck the Emergency cupboard....Do you have an emergency cupboard??
What do you keep in it??