Friday, July 24, 2015

Sick with a Bug

Well, I've been incredibly heathy for the last two years. Hardly a sore throat even. I used my XClear and avoided those bugs. But this one, it is unstoppable! (Yes, they tell me it is just a virus and must ride it thru)
My Sister and her daughter do those essential oils from DoTerra and even those haven't helped!
I've thrown every "tool" at it and it keeps coming.
I have sore stomach muscles from coughing.
I have thrown my neck out or maybe that was due to the tower of pillows to hold me upright so could get some sleep. Sleep, what's that?
I've been running a low grade temp for three days....up and then down, but always a temp.
I see slight glimpses that show I'm getting better...but they are so slight....almost apparitions in the night.
So, forgive me for not writing....I'll be back when I'm really better.

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