Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Bit of This And That

Yesterday, though I was fighting a bug of some sort with swollen glands etc., I still needed to get some things done. I had purchased the day before some huge and delightful apricots, to turn them into jam. Not wanting the expensive purchase to rot...I got up and made jam and canned it. Yeah, I did!
But before you picture me a slave to the stove, remember, I have help.
 Here is the Ball Jam/Jelly maker...still loving this machine! It pretty much just makes the jam or jelly for you. Which is good....I could sit while that was going on.
 Then, into the canner to make shelf stable jam to store away. This canner is a hybrid and does all the work with only about two cups of water!
Well, I canned four jars of jam, but I had two more that I put in the fridge. I noticed this morning that the jam was a little loose. My bad. I didn't measure the fruit....they were really large apricots, not the usual size, so always remember to measure. No harm though. Most of the time I like apricot jam for a finishing sauce or on pancakes anyway....This would be the first time it didn't set completely. And over time it could still set a bit more. In any case, I now have jam in the little extra pantry I made in the craft room closet. At this moment I need a bigger part of that closet! LOL.....

Oh, and this week, I made a table runner top. Yup, I did manage to get some things done. Before I got sick, I made a good long runner for a gift...
Isn't it cute?? It is a pattern by the Missouri Star Co. and it uses their template and a layer cake of fabric.  One layer cake will easily make two or three runners depending on how long you want them. The idea is when it is on the table, everyone is looking at a tree right side up. Its a simple pattern and really takes little time....There is even a video of her making one....that's what got me hooked...I ordered their template and a layer cake and it was here in three days...awesome....
Anyway, time to take some Advil and rest.
Have a great day.

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