Monday, June 22, 2015

Oh what a bit of paint can do!

Long story short.
We bought a "fixer" condo, 2 bedroom/2 bath as an investment and to use as a rental. One tenant is our eldest daughter, who after a year of housesitting found she needed a place to live. The other is for another girl our wonderful Realtor found for us.
Rents here in Orange County have gone through the roof. We would have had to help financially either, why not buy and then rent? It seemed like a good idea, if we could find one. Well, we did.
A 1125 sq ft, full two bath condo...with a dining room area to boot!
It still needs some things done, mostly minor...the most important to get done so our daughter could move in was paint. So, our fantastic painter was able to get the whole thing (I mean everything, including the interior closets and linen cupboard) done in 2 1/2 that she could move today!
Before I show you the before and after, I have to say that doing this was not easy...and definitely not for the faint at heart (which I am)...but wonderful Hubby was able to get it all pulled together. Of course, now we have a mortgage again.....
When we first saw this place, it was hard to visualize what it could be. It had resistant tenants with plenty of stuff. Lots of stuff.
But once they moved out, it became a little easier to see....
 First thing we wanted to do was address the dark original 1963 cabinets in the kitchen. We don't have the budget to buy new and do a complete overhaul. So, we all agreed that painting the cabinets white would make a huge difference.

 It is a nice feature to have a real wood burning fireplace.....
but really this boring shiny beige they had painted is pretty dreadful.....

So, here is the kitchen now....bright, white, and grey....The color grey is called Apparition by Benjamin  Moore....

Now, one of the things we all wanted to do first off is tear down that cupboard that runs across the top. But we decided, that we need to leave it, at least for now, because they are so few cupboards. Our daughter is a bit disappointed but agrees, that one needs to live in it for a for now it stays.
This is a view from the living room...The ceiling fan was replaced with a flush mount ceiling raised up the fan by 6 or more one doesn't feel like their head will be chopped.
Do you like the color?? It looks blue-ish here. It isn't though. Just a lovely soft grey.
The whole condo is this color with white trim....perfect.
Oh what a dash of color can do!!
Another thing we did??
Well, the tenants had used mixed light bulbs...some fluorescent, some incandescent and then odd spot lights here and there. Weird.
So, we put in all soft white LEDs! Not only do they show white light, but they are easier on a budget too. They claim they will last 14-22 years! Well, even if they didn't, they are cooler running, so they won't heat the room and its a safer light as well.
So, today was moving day for her from our house, where she has had to live while waiting for another home. At the age of 34, she wasn't so fond of Mom telling here to "do this" and "do that"....
Tomorrow, all her stuff comes out of storage where it has been for 1 year and a week. That house sitting/dog sitting job was only supposed to be about 6 months....guess she did it well...
So, that is what I have been up to....
What do you think of the paint? Pretty remarkable what paint can do!

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NanaDiana said...

Wow- Big job~ Been there-done that---Okay- here was one of our "fixes"- and this works if the "tenants" don't have a bunch of furniture. We took down that bank of overhead cabinets and attached them to the wall right down the side next to the kitchen to act as a "buffet" for the dining area. It gave storage- we put a polished top on it (for the server part) and we had benches underneath it that could be pulled out for extra seating. Wish I had some pictures of that rehab. It worked out really well and really opened the place up. If - when you are ready and might want to try it- you want an idea of what it looked like I can sketch it out and email it to you.

Good luck. It will be kind of nice to have your house back to yourself, too, won't it? Love how fresh it looks all painted up! xo Diana